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workplace. it is all about teamwork. i am proud to be working with chief suhr. and scott weiner, it is a pleasure to have you out here. we appreciate it. it is a great team. thank you to the people who are out here. and also our partners with the american red cross. who are here this morning. thank you for being here. it has been a tradition for many of us out here. i hope you have a great day and you remember what happened 106 years ago. it is great to be a san franciscan. >> a nice hand for the chief, everybody. i have seen this other chief speaking in the last couple of times. a nice hand for chief suhr. >> good morning. our fire chief said it. we're lucky in san francisco. we have a mayor who has moved through the tears of prepared as an goddess ready to go. we get a little more prepared every day. god bless to the survivors. >> thank you. >> it is a minute of silence at 5-11. -- 51:11 p.m. let's have a moment of silence for a minute right now. [siren] >> i think the fitting way to end this germany first of all, -- this ceremony first of all. there will be playing. everybody
vandalizar el autobus.. topvo blanca ---precisamente hoy, greg suhr, el jefe de policia de san francisco dijo que para evitar que eventos como el del domingo se repitan, manana asignaran agentes adicionales para vigilar todas las actividades en torno a la celebracion y el desfile... ---suhr dijo que cuando los incendios fueron provocados, sus agentes tuvieron que escoltar a los bomberos para poder combatir las llamas... ---un total de 35 personas fueron detenidas... stop open roll open vo blanca ---sandy, pierde fuerza y avanza hacia canada. ---el centro de huracanes de ese pais, seÑalo que el metero se esta debilitando rapidamente y que tambien ha perdido todas sus caracteristic as tropicales. --alrededor de 200 mil hogares en ontario y qubec estaban sin electricidad por los efectos de los vientos huracanados asociados con sandy. --la unica victima mortal en canada hasta ahora es una mujer que murio ayer tras el impacto de un anuncio publicitario que se desprendio de un establecimient o por la fuerza del viento. topvo cesar ---mientras que en la costa noreste de estados unidos, el huracan s
quezada 1; 10 greg suhr; 130pablo sandoval 1; 44 san francisco celebra el campenato de la liga nacional y los gigantes estan en la serie mundial.edgardo quijano esta en vivo desde el parque de los gigantes con la fiesta que se vive en ese lugar. es emocionante para tofos nosotros los gigantes y los cardenales etsan aquí y pues un orgullo que me da pornerme el uniforme en este equipo y vamos a ganar en el cuarto juego la policía de san francisco ya tenía vigilancia tambienetambién en la marina y como lo harán . >> mira lo que pasa hacer otro juego y hace unos momentos estamos en el portavoz de la policía de san francisco y tanto el alrededor de la ciudad y hasta el momento no reporta ningún problema y el próximo miércoles y regreso contigo meria leticia y te espero con una toalla para que estés bien . >> y vaya olor que deja la chapaña. >> presidente barack obama y mitt tuvieron el último debate y fu la última oportunidad . >> sentados frente a frente los dos adversarios en la politica interior. >> quien dijo que no debiamos mover cielo y tierra y valio la pena. >> por s
, and next to lyn commander biel, corrier from field comman. i would like to introduce chief grigory p. suhr. >> good evening, and hopefully lyn still wants to be your boss tomorrow. i know it is quiet and there are a lot of kids in the room. that is terrific. the medal of valor ceremony is the best event that we get to attend. it is when there is a crisis, emergency, extreme danger and takes everything you have to go forward, and everyone else that would want to run away, the people you will hear about tonight not only went forward, but they stood their ground, they saved lives, they promoted public safety, and i have been attending the medal of valor ceremonies as a captain since 1996, and i can honestly tell you the stories you will hear tonight in the roster we are born to go down tonight is the most impressive night of the medal of valor ceremonies i have had in however many years. it really is something. tonight is for a officers to recognize them, but also for their families and officers that are not necessarily going to be recognized, because it shows what they're capable of. san fra
dolares. topvo blanca ---precisamente hoy, greg suhr, el jefe de policia de san francisco que para evitar que eventos como el del domingo se repitan, manana asignaran agentes adicionales para vigilar todas las actividades en torno a la celebracion y el desfile... ---suhr dijo que cuando los incendios fueron provocados, sus agentes tuvieron que escoltar a los bomberos para poder combatir las llamas... ---un total de 35 personas fueron detenidas... stop open roll open cesar ---esta noche el concejo municipal de berkeley pretende reafirmar su calidad de "ciudad santuario" en favor de los inmigrantes indocumentad os especialmente los menores de 18 aÑos... take vo ---lo que buscan es que la policia de esa ciudad al capturar a jovenes indocumentados estos no sean entregados a las autoridades de inmigracion siempre y cuando el delito que hayan cometido no sea serio... ---la solicitud esta apoyada por grupos que defienden a los inmigrantes. blanca ---la cantidad de inmigrantes que se beneficia de las llamadas visa "u" para vctimas de crimen, parece ir en aumento, sobre todo en la ciudad de oakla
40% of the time in the police station writing reports, which is the case today. and greg suhr is leading that revolution. muni, if you read the chronicle yesterday, page 1, sf city is sponsoring a program with muni called smart muni that allows realtime cooperation. that came out of a hack-athonby the way. so this hack-athon was held a year-ago and sf city grabs onto that project and fun and ited we're transitioning it into muni as we speak. in the education area, we supported the summer jobs effort. got the tech companies to place the interns. we're supporting the opening of college track in the bayview, which launches next week. we donate philanthropically and we're focus on prop e? >> you are for or against prop e? >> yes on prop e. i don't want to say who is registered to vote. >> who is registered to vote? >> please vote yes on e. if you are not registered to vote, please go to the sf city booth no. 29. it's on the right side as you walk out of the room and register to vote. >> and then vote no on prop e -- i mean vote yes on prop e. >> there is something that we
suhr. drop covered and held on during the drill to help prepare themselves for the next big earthquake. >> in case anything happens, got to have some preparation, got to be ready for things. that's why we do these drills. we want to practice, practice, and practice. >> stopped its training for one minute as part of the exercise. spokesman for the usds said today's drill was the largest disaster preparedness exercise in history. >>> after almost 80 years in print, news week magazine today announced plans to go all digital next year. publisher gee na brown says news week has been increasingly challenged by advertising. access to the new digital-only newsweek global will be by paid subscription. the last printed edition of newsweek is set for december 31st. >>> the documents are called perversion 5 and some say they covered up years of abuse in the boy scouts. revelations now coming out from the papers made public today. >>> it was a flash in last night's sky, and it may have been a meteor that hit near here. where experts say you can look. >>> a colder weather pattern is headed to the ba
they are also getting ready for the world series, police chief greg suhr tells us officers will be cracking down on drinking alcohol in public. >> so the options, especially bottles. so we'll be taking bottles, we'll be throwing them away, working with dpw to empty the dumpsters. >>> chief suhr says officers will be deployed in the mission as they were last night. others will be on broadway, chestnut and union streets and gary boulevard. and the chief says some officers will be held back just in case celebrations break out in other parts of the city. stay tuned to ktvu, in 20 minutes we'll go behind the scenes to see what it takes to put off a world series. and in a few minutes, scoring ticks ticks to the world series. how much are they going for. and if you don't have tickets you can always watch on >>> shark experts are saying it was most likely a great white shark that killed a 39-year-old surfer today off the coast of santa barbara county. it is the second fatal shark attack off that same beach in just two years. the victim is identified as 39- year-old francisco javier solorio. s
political insider phil matier with san francisco police chief greg suhr and former mayor willie brown and chief from the traffic to the crowds over a million people are going to be here. is it all worth it? >> is it worth it? a million people right in the city? >> i think it's terrific! this is going to be as big a weekend as ever been in the city. >> so any advice for people that don't want exactly to spend the whole day in the car? >> yeah. avoid driving especially on the weekend. the embarcadero is going to be gridlocked. public transportation just saw the t line go by. that's the way to go. walk, bike, take public transportation. you don't want to be in a car east of twin peaks this week. >> so mayor brown are you planning on taking a bus to where you' going? >> no. as a matter of fact, i'm going to walk. i normally walk. >> reporter: where are you going? >> i'm going to hit every, single thing that's free. [ laughter ] >> reporter: people coming in from all over the bay area. what do you expect to be the biggist ? is it going to be the
important in keeping it said in the san francisco police department. chief suhr, thank you very much. [applause] i saw the commander and the captain here. let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] this facility has got some absolutely incredible public art, and when we rebuild our recreation centers and facilities, it is an opportunity to invest in the incredible art in our city. i want to thank the director of the san francisco arts commission, the project manager, the artist collect, and others for the incredible beauty inside the center. thank you, tom. [applause] we have a special certificate. nadia conrad wanted to make a brief presentation to the rec center. >> thank you. i am here with the office of tom amiano, and we wanted to congratulate this special day. we're happy to be part of the celebration. we love the fact that they chose a great and heroic individual to name this historic building after. so thank you very much for the invitation. >> thank you. [applause] part of what the recreation and park department has created to help us stewart, again under the model
is getting ready. police chief greg suhr says san francisco is taking every step possible. that is in response in the mayhem on the victory on sunday night including the burning of a muni bus. 35 people were arrested. nine why charged today. san francisco's district attorney says they will vigorously prosecuted, too. police will have rapid response and medical strike teams ready to go. muni will have its own rapid response team. >> if you are coming to act out, don't come, you will be arrested and prosecuted. there is no way to ring in the giants' second world championship. >> dan: the man police say it was badly beaten is he treated for severe head trauma. >>> there is a lot more to come for you this tuesday night. as we continued, we have showing a san jose man taking down the campaign signs of his wife's president obama's. he doesn't deny it. what he has to say. in the middle of super storm sandy, a pregnant woman in labor and the hospital loses power twice and a very special delivery. lucky bay area students played catch with an oakland raider. the advice he had. and b
chief joanne hayes white and greg suhr joined third graders for a nationwide earthquake drill. the three city leaders took cover under a desk before heading out to the schoolyard. that's where the mayor reminded the may where are of dr. charles r. drew elementary school about the importance of preparedness. >>> local air quality officials took a step forward on a response plan for air polluting fires. the new policy was approved two months after the chevron refiery fire in richmond. it calls for increased studies on ways to reduce the risk of a toxic leak. >>> good evening to you a cooler weather pattern is unfolding this evening and will bring us cooler temperatures for the week. odds your door we are already -- outside your doors we are already seeing the signs. winds gusting to near 30 at times. most areas reporting a south or southwesterly breeze at this time. temperatures still mild though. 67degrees in antioch. still holding on to 72 in oakland, mid-70s in redwood city. i do suspect they will be back across the bay. at least patchy in nature by tomorrow morning. a look at your sat
a good gauge of where we will be following the candidates and their suhr rarro for the next 19 days. bruce springsteen is in iowa right now. another indication of how important when you start to bring out the boss for you. >> right. you are saying, where is the boss? he's in iowa today and ohio as well. there's an effort by the obama campaign to make the midwest a firewall. not only talking about wisconsin and iowa, but also about ohio. that's their best path to maybe wrap it up. not as much of a focus on some of the states in the southeast like virginia and florida as of late. >> all right. mark murray, can't wait to see what the polls show us. talk to you about it tomorrow, i'm sure. thanks mark. >> there are two senate debates tonight in races for them to win to gain control. in missouri senator claire mccastille facesed to akin. in virginia tim kaine is against george allen. to public second-guessing and private recripple nations at the finnish line are due to more than bad luck and a couple of underperforming candidates. the gop senate schal lengs more broadly are reflections o
understand governor romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. >> as president obama suhr vase the waldorf banquet room, you have to wonder what he's thinking. so little time, so much to redistribute. >> word affairs are a challenge for every candidate. after some of you guys remember after my foreign trip in 2008, i was attacked as a celebrity because i was so popular with our allies overseas. i have to say i'm impressed with how well governor romney has aavoided that problem. >> i was hoping the president would bring joe biden along this evening, because he'll laugh at anything. >> sometimes it feels like this race has dragged on forever, but paul ryan assured me that we've only been running for two hours and 50 something minutes. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >>> lawyers behind the release of the confidential boy scout files want congress to step in and
francisco just one of the reasons police chief greg suhr tells us you should avoid driving in the city over the weekend. there are several events that will draw crowds this weekend. america's cup, the bluegrass, baseball. we got it all this weekend. >>> and we have traffic and weather and weather too coming up right after the break. >>> good morning from the traffic center. we still have troubles at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights remain on and you can see traffic is slow and go with backups to the maze. so a busy ride through there. bart is on time this morning. that's the good news. but we are getting reports of some caltrain delays this morning. so just a heads up. if you are taking caltrain, northbound 215 is at 9 minutes late. 880 looking good. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> a few clouds around the bay area this morning looks like cooler weather to come over the next few days, a far cry from the 90s and triple digits we had just a few days ago. and looks like a beautiful start to the day. the temperatures running in the 50s an
police are getting ready for the police. we talked to chief greg suhr at the game last night. >> we don't have any problems the last world series. we don't anticipate any this year. and we want to have another parade. >> he says the department will put the plan into action today and they will do what they did two years ago. >>> 8:14. with just two weeks left now, the campaign over proposition 34 is really heat -- really heating up. they were in san francisco to make a last-minute plea to voters. >>> 184 million, it cost the taxpayers every year to enforce the death penalty can be much more woodley used. >> california's death -- it's the most egregious crime. >> this is the first time in more than three decades whether california voters will decide to appeal -- repeal the death penalty. president obama and mitt romney are back out on the campaign trail today putting their spin on that third and final presidential debate last night. as allison turns reports, they are making their closing arguments with just two weeks left until election day. >> reporter: dave, there certainly is no rest f
on suhr vamance cameras entering the compound. a congressional set for today. willie, what is going on? the white house sends out susan rice. she says something five days later. this is an embarrassment for the white house. it's an embarrassment for the state department. it's an embarrassment for susan rice. they still a month later can't get their stories straight. what's up? >> all we heard in the aftermath was about this youtube video. >> the president apologized repeatedly. >> susan rice went out five days after the attack on "meet the press" and elsewhere and said this is a result of spontaneous attack. the white house says at this point that was the information they had athat moment five days later, but yesterday the state department came out with a details account of what exactly happened that day. they say not only was there not a protest outside the gates of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, but that was never their conclusion. they never believed there was a protest. they believed this was an act of terrorism that killed four americans including the ambassador there. so the you
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)